American Surnames

Name Location Period Individual Notes
Anderson SC>TN   Cornelius Anderson
Cleveland New England > NY> OH >MI   Joseph Jerome Cleveland
Ducolon ? > NY 1720-1750 Fannie Osborn Ducolon
Ferrill VA >SC >TN > IL > MI 1730-Present George W. Ferrill
Albert Wiley Ferrill
Hollie Huron Ferrill
Fordham NY>CT>VT>NY .. > 1879 Susan Fordham
Hilton NY > OH > ?   Martha Hilton
Holcomb VT > NY   Julia Holcomb
Rhoads PA > KY   Joseph Rhoads
Catherine Rhoads
Robinson ? > IN > MI   Perry Robinson
Laura S. Robinson
Stoner PA > OH > IN > MI   David K. Stoner
Phebe Stoner
Storms ? > NY > OH > MI ?-1850 Isaac Storms— 1779–abt 1839
Sarah Storms
Storrs MA > CT > NY > OH > MI   Charles E. Storrs—1833–1913
Helen M. Storrs—1888–1969
Storrs Obituaries
Van Noate NJ > OH > MI 1800–1882 William Van Noate
Maria Van Noate
Vaught PA>KY 1750–1800 Elizabeth Vaught?
Warren CT > NY > MI 1800–1900 Ira Warren
Almira Warren
Wolcott MA > CT > NY > OH > MI 1785–1957 William Wolcott—1785–1842
William L. Wolcott—1818–1890
David A. Wolcott—1842–1918
Alice Almira Wolcott — 1863–1957
Woolley NJ >    
Zimmerman PA? > KY > IL   Jacob Zimmerman

Finnish Names (Surnames as available)

Name Location Period Notes
Kenttä Alatornio, Finland > Astoria, Clatsop, OR 1880–1920 Eva Kreta Kenttä — 1863–1921
Nyman Astoria, Clatsop, OR   John Nyman
Note: If you are looking for Nymans with some history, I'm sorry I can't help you. John Nyman came to the US about 1910 and took the name NYMAN for who knows what reason. As a result, if you aren't a descendent of his son, George, or his daughter, Mabel Johanna, you'll have to look else where for Nyman stuff.
Ranck Helsinki, FI
Pedersöre, Finland
Nykarleby, Finland
Before 1950  
Ytterberg Kuopio > Tornio, Finland > SW Washington > Astoria, OR Before 1900  

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