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Oh, the luck to be Finnish and American. There is good data on American families AND there is good info for the Finns. I lucked out. Much of the research has already been collected and verified by others.

I have put names up if I have some means of verifying them. I prefer primary sources of course, but sometimes that's not possible, so I'll use secondary when it looks plausible. Any name without documentation is possible, but don't assume it's a fact. When I started this, I was just a name collector. I've gotten a little more diligent about supporting my facts. It's just too labor intensive trying to remember whether a name is valid or not, so take your cue from the documentation and sources as noted. Another thing, I believe strongly in propinquity. There are patterns of movement and relationships among these people long dead that lend themselves to explanation, interpretation, and storytelling. So much is lost to us, that even under ideal circumstances, it's just guess work in the end.

Someone once wrote that "history without facts is just mythology". Family stories capture the mythology and pass it from one generation to the next. Often enough fortunately there is often a grain of truth. The myths themselves often make great stories...but that's where it needs to be clear. I am endeavoring to do that here on this site, but it's hard to not get caught up in the lives of these people including the mythology.

Updated January 17, 2006


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