Fannie Osborn Ducolon?
— c. 1720–after 1764

Not much is known of Frances Osborn Ducolon—Fannie—or alternatively, Dubelorey. The facts, scanty as they are, are these:

She was married to Lt. Thomas Wolcott in 1742 in Taghanic, New York. She was his third wife.

According to the Wolcott genealogy : the family of Henry Wolcott, one of the first settlers of Windsor, Connecticut, Fannie was the mother of at least nine little Wolcotts including Francis Wolcott from whom the rest of my line proceeds. In all, her children included:

There is a much more research that needs to be done to confirm the information. In the Wolcott genealogy : the family of Henry Wolcott, one of the first settlers of Windsor, Connecticut, Fannie's maiden name is given as Dubelorey. I've looked for a variety of permutations of that name and have no idea where it came from. If it was incorrect when entered into the Wolcott book, then it accounts for how it has been propogated among so many people. Ducolon is the name that appears on the Wolcott Family website, and Dubelorey is dropped. Though sources are not cited, John Wolcott on a message board responded to Jane Scott, a Ducolon researcher:

"Fannie has been a problem. We originally had her as Fannie Dubelorey. She is now thought to be Fannie Ducolon, b. 1705 Toland Twp. CT., dau. of Claudius DuColon and Amanda Osborn, and the 4th wife of Thomas Wolcott, 1702-c.1770, my ancestor. They married about 1742 Taghanic NY. They had 9 children. Her name is given as Frances Osborn on the bapt. record of her son Francis."

In another message, Jane Scott writes:

"My father has been researching the Wolcott/Fannie Ducolon (various spellings) connections for 40 years...A Mrs. Hughes wrote my Father in the 1960s saying Fannie Ducolon married a Thomas Wolcott being a second wife. Thomas arrived & settled in Albany Co. Fannie Ducolon and Karen Happock Ducolon were reported to be sisters to Dr. Claudius Ducolon who married Jane Osborn in 1738 in Albany County. We have failed in our attempt with any tracing of Jane Osborne but reported she was a daughter of Thomas Osborn (Aesborn)."

If the record of Francis's baptism at Linlithgo Reformed Church dated October 21, 1744 shows Frances Osborn, might it be possible that Fannie was DuColon's sister-in-law instead?

Dates of baptism for the other children may exist, but I haven't seen them. A number of people have posted information that the remaining children were born in Utica (including the Wolcott Family website), but I'm skeptical. Oneida county wasn't formed until 1798 and Utica as a town didn't exist before 1817, though a number of families lived in the area. As a place of birth for the younger children, it seems unlikely.

Was Fannie Ducolon was half Dutch, possibly on her mother's side? Was she the sister of Dr. Claudius Ducolon who married Jane Osborne in 1737? Claudius Ducolon was referred to as the "French doctor"; if there is a relationship there, then Fannie was also French and probably an immigrant as well. Or was Fannie actually Jane Osborn's sister?

There are some interesting overlaps. Francis was baptized in the Linlithgo Reformed Church in 1744. Claudius Ducolon's oldest daughter was baptized there in 1742. In 1745, Lydia Rees, Francis' wife, was baptized at the Athens Zion Lutheran Church as were several of Claudius' children from 1742 to 1748.

There may be a record of Fannie and Thomas Wolcott's marriage in about 1742–44 at the Linlithgo Reformed church. I'll have to check this. Somebody came up with the Ducolon connection.

Will post more as it surfaces.


Updated June 12, 2008


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